Welcome to the Clan of the Celtic Rogues!

(As told by our High Lord and Leader, Lord Dragonhawke)

The Clan of the Celtic Rogues started out long ago as a father/son bonding activity between myself and my youngest son, Aldric. I suppose if anyone is by and large responsible for the final outcome (our Clanship), then it would have to be young Aldric. It was his fault (or idea) that we start attending renaissance faires dressed in garb, and then to start camping as well.

As we camped, we slowly sought to make our camping area look more unique and eye-catching to surrounding camps, by the use of Flags, Banners, and Torches. As it turned out, it also served as a positive attention getter, assisting us in meeting many different people who were of kindred thought. As we met, we became friends - and as we became friends, we began camping together. And so our fellowship was good, and so began the Clan of the Celtic Rogues. 

I would take this moment to repeat our stated belief - to have fun at Renaissance Festivals and Faires, do no harm to others, and to make each and every soul feel welcome and at home. We treat each other well, we respect one another, and people see that fact and wonder how we achieve it. Simply put? We're a family. Period.

I invite you to explore the Internet Home of the Clan of the Celtic Rogues, see the many smiles and sorts that make up who we are, and feel the ever-beating heart of a renaissance fair enthusiast. If you enjoy your stay, maybe you'll be moved to come and find us at one of the many events we attend. Come then, and warm yourself by our fire - you may find that you too have found your home away from home, and a family within it.